Social Media Marketing for Beginners

“Keep smiling – maybe they won’t realise I have no idea what I’m doing… now, how do I Instagram?” (Photo by Broke Cagle, Source:

If, like me, you’re new to the world of social media marketing, you’re probably on the hunt for some good information about how to get started and how it all works.

I started out as a complete beginner to this topic only very recently. I was asked to manage the Facebook and Instagram account of a local business, and before I knew it, I was diving head-first into a vast expanse of information about how to get the most out of social media for small businesses.

I spent a lot of time sifting through countless articles, blogs, lists and websites, and found lots of great resources that I found helpful in getting started and building a foundation of knowledge from the ground up.

The first valuable ‘building block’ to give me a good overview on how it all works, was this article from Wordstream (a company that offers social media marketing management services and software, and also runs an informative blog) which basically gave me a crash course in the topic, plus links to a few other good articles on their blog.

So many platforms, so little time… (Photo by William Iven, Source:

After a poke around the Wordstream blog I found this fun little video posted to by Susan Gunelius, CEO of KeySplash Creative Inc. It gave me some great info about the “10 Laws” of social media marketing – which really helped me understand how to best interact with my audience.

From there I started to poke around to find some information a bit more specifically about using Instagram and Facebook for marketing, as that’s where my real-world efforts lie for this client. I found a nice list of Facebook marketing tips for small business, and this awesome list that gave me lots of great tips on Instagram marketing.

Instagram actually have a great little guide on how to get started using Instagram for business with lots of great videos and instructions – I was a complete beginner to Instagram so this was really helpful (yep, an Insta-virgin!). They even offer a bunch of free online training courses through Facebook Blueprint – an awesome resource if you really want to save time over the “learn-as-you-go, flying-blind” method.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 1.39.37 pm
The Landing Page for Facebook Blueprint, Facebook’s training and certification program

I’m really excited to get through all their videos – I’ll be a Facebook and Instagram pro by the time I’m done with them!

Once I started to get a little deeper into my research, it became clear that there was a big gap in my whole approach. What I needed was a plan. If I was going to put all this new knowledge to use, then I needed to formulate an actual social media marketing plan, which my client didn’t have – they’d never even heard of one!

So, my next project is going to be to develop a basic social media marketing plan for my client company, which is hopefully going to give me some goals to focus on, a framework to follow, and a shiny-looking plan to impress the company with!

Time to start developing a social media marketing plan “Sandra? Cancel my nine o’clock!” (Photo by William Iven, Source:

I’ve only just begun on this endeavour – I’ve got this really basic step-by-step guide from Hootsuite (who are one of the leaders in social media marketing management – they’ve developed one of the top apps for managing multiple social media accounts, and they offer many other products, services and education in the field).

I’d love to hear from you, dear readers, if you’ve got any guidance or info that might help me in formulating a basic social media marketing plan. Please feel free to share any links, tips or stories of your own in the comments section… I need all the help I can get!


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